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Breastfeeding Support Package — $250

How do you prepare for breastfeeding so that you and your baby get off to a great start? Plan ahead!


Typically, breastfeeding works well and things go smoothly. Knowing what to expect and having the tools ready should you and your baby need a little extra help can make the early weeks much easier. With your breastfeeding goals as our guide, we'll create a plan that nurtures a positive breastfeeding relationship for you and your baby.

As a Certified Lactation Specialist with hundreds of hours of support experience, I work with families just starting out or well on the road of their breastfeeding journeys.

This package includes:

  • One prenatal meeting to plan and learnwe'll cover positioning, signs of a good latch, how to be sure your baby is getting enough and what to expect in the early weeks

  • Support tips for partners

  • One postpartum visit during the first week to answer questions, assess feeding and troubleshoot common concerns

  • Phone & email support for the first 3 weeks with your new baby

*BONUS: My doula clients get this breastfeeding support package built-in to their birth support plan!

Breastfeeding Support Visits — $150

Perhaps you've already had your baby and you're looking for some breastfeeding help and guidance now. No problem! Stand-alone visits are available for $150 for up to 90 minutes in your home, and include 3 weeks of follow-up phone & email support.

Travel fee: a $25 travel fee per visit applies for home visits 25+ miles from Petaluma.

Breastfeeding Support

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