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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Being the first of my family and friends to have babies, I didn't know what I didn't know. My journey through childbirth and postpartum challenged me in ways that I did not expect. But I learned how steady support could change everything, influencing not only my birth experience, but also how I stepped into motherhood. Support lifts us up.

I am committed to walking with you on your unique birth journey, building your confidence in your body and in birth, itself. Most of all, I hope that you will look back on your experience with wonder, satisfaction and pride. You are amazing. Your body is remarkable.

Prior to becoming a doula, I worked for many years in biotech research, so I love data. I was first drawn to birth work out of a desire to care for families at this transitional time. But I soon learned that the support of a doula is not only a work of the heart, there is real evidence for the positive difference it can make for women and babies:

  • more positive feelings about the childbirth experience

  • more likely to have a vaginal birth

  • more likely to have a shorter labor

  • higher rates of breastfeeding

  • fewer medical interventions

  • less likely to have pain medication

  • less likely to have a cesarean

  • less likely to have newborn complications or NICU admissions

What I love about working with parents is providing hands-on support and evidence-based information to build confidence during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In addition to working with my clients, I also volunteer with Better Beginnings for Babies to provide free breastfeeding support in the community every Friday.

I’m a Bay Area native, currently living in Petaluma with my husband, two kids and a large dog that hogs the bed.


Certifications, Trainings & Professional Memberships:

  • Certified Birth Doula through DONA International

  • Certified Lactation Specialist through With Child

  • Spinning Babies for Birth Professionals

  • Comforting Touch for Doulas

  • Dancy Perinatal's Debriefing a Difficult Birth

  • Birth Monopoly's Know Your Rights 

  • Evidence Based Birth Professional Member

  • Sonoma County Breastfeeding Coalition Member

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